When I was a child, my mother told me once, as if it were a secret : « When I meet a new person, I first look at his shoes ! ». Well, I guess it made quite an impression on my young brain for I still do remember it.


It never worked this way for me but when I spotted Dexter and his bright orange shoes tearing apart the falling evening darkness, this project just came to me as an obvious one I had long been awaiting for.


It is more than just shoes photography. With each photo, I build a portrait of their owner and therefor, I ask each one to strike a pose as if I was to take a photo of their face.


The way we decide to dress our feet and legs tells more about us than we can think of. The natural set in which I frame those shoes is also carrying its own reference. With the combination of those two elements, I’m trying to build a world specific to each portrait, a vision which, I hope, could stimulate our imagination by questioning our preconceived idea.

© Frédéric Moreau de Bellaing